The core of all Chinese internal arts is derived from meditation practices that still the mind and increase the flow of life force energy known as Qi.

Let us help you design a custom program of Qigong and meditation to fit your personal goals. Practical, simple methods of mental relaxation based upon time-tested methods that work to help you release excess tension, anger and frustration as you ward off illness and stress.

Explore the myth and reality of Qigong practice from ancient to modern methods. Learn to use meditation to deal with mental and emotional stress on a daily basis. Covers breathing principles and a complete meditation schedule.

Dr. John Painter, your instructor, is the heir to the Li family Qigong system. He holds a Ph.D. in Chinese Naturopathic medicine and has over 36 years of experience teaching the internal healing arts. Join him as he explains what Qi really is and how to truly practice Qigong in modern easy to understand terms.


Qigong Bagua Courses

Here are the Li family healing versions of Baguazhang for health. Each of these courses contains a specific method of practice to enhance health, vitality, and longevity. Each of the programs is a stand-alone method. These will be rotated throughout the year or can be reserved for private or group training during our open times.

Spring Rain Bagua Qigong

A perfect method for beginners or advanced students. This art teaches how movement such as walking and moving the arms stimulates, lymphatic and blood flow for healing and enhancing immunity to infections and diseases. Li family concepts of Qi for health are clearly explained in clear easy to understand concepts. Highly recommended.

Flying Dragon Bagua Qigong

Making use of the ancient Daoist concept of energy centers and circulation this circle walking exercise stimulates the three inner cauldrons located in the lower abdomen, chest and head and then begins a circulation of mind Qi energy through what is called the micro-cosmic orbit.

Nine Healing Circles Bagua Qigong

Each of the eight palm formations has an association with the meridians of Qi flow used in acupuncture. Combining these positions with mental visualization while circle walking or standing still can be  used to stimulate the associated meridians for healing or increasing vitality. Once understood this can be used as a form of mental acupuncture without needles.

Golden Vigor Bagua Qigong

The practice of Golden Vigor Qigong (Jin Huoli Qigong) was said to have been presented to the Li family by a Tibetan Shaman who embraced Daoist Daoyin training. Legend says he developed this method by utilizing parts of an ancient Daoist method of circle walking called Rotating in Worship of Heaven and his own knowledge rooted in mantra Tara practices to produce a profound but simple art for mind body and spirit.

Lucky Number Bagua Qigong

Based on Yijing numerology one discovers his or her unique four palms and the best of what are known as the nine directions of personal power. This can be used for sitting, standing or circle walking practice to enhance harmony with nature, healing potential, developing vital Qi and longevity.

Dragons of Wind and Water

The purpose is to harmonize oneself with the seasons and time of the year by walking the circle while forming postures associated with the energy Gua for each specific day, week, month, and year. Dragon of Wind and Water Qigong (Long Feng Shui Qigong) promotes physical and mental relaxation. Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids and assists digestion. This unique form of Qigong aids in fortifying the body against disease promotes healing and also increases flexibility and power to the internal and external muscles.