At The Gompa you can study a number of Chinese or Tibetan internal art subjects with qualified staff or certified instructors each with over twenty years of experience. Some of our programs include Taijiquan, Meditation, Philosophy, Yijing, Daoism, Tibetan Yoga, Chinese Qigong, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Tibetan Snake boxing, traditional combat weapons and modern self defense methods.

Choose How You Want to Study With Us

We offer a wide variety of ways to study the internal arts with us. A few of which include:

  • Private and Semi-Private instruction for local residents
  • Bed and Breakfast for out of town guests for a week or a weekend
  • For our non-local friends, we also operate numerous satellite schools around the world. Check here for information on these facilities.
  • Yearly special events and celebrations to be announced

Oldest Chinese Martial Arts School in Texas

The Gompa has a 50+ year history of continuous operation and is listed as the oldest Chinese Martial arts school in Texas. We have been honored by the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame featured on local and national television including Channel 11 news, Channel 8 News, Channel 4 news, The Phil Donahue Show and others. Our w o rk has been written up in local and national Newspapers and magazines including Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Inside Kung Fu Magazine, Black Belt Magazine, Kung Fu Taichi Magazine, Tai Chi Journal, Internal Arts magazine, Vogue and the National Star.

Our base martial art methods of instruction comes from the arts of Daoqiquan, wisdom path of internal power through boxing. Daoqiquan is a family style of health and internal martial system devised by the Li family from Sichuan Province China. We are also the home of the IAM Co. Paper Lantern Publishing and the headquarters for Texas Company A of the American Rangers Martial Law Enforcement Training Institute.

Our Goals

Our mission is to provide each student with a program tailored to suit his or her needs. We strive to present the highest quality instruction in the Chinese and Tibetan methods listed in our course catalog. Our certified staff is dedicated to help you separate myth and pseudo-science from reality in the often confusing world of traditional Chinese and Tibetan health, Qigong and martial arts.

We believe that quality and individual attention is more conducive to learning. The Gompa offers private and semi-private instruction to one-on-one or a small group of qualified students through its week long or weekend retreats and study programs. These are available for local students and out-of-town guests. This attention to the individual student provides for more personalized instruction in the internal methods.

If you live in the greater Dallas / Arlington / Fort Worth area you can attend private classes offered by appointment during the day or on weekends.

The Gompa is similar to a private club and we are selective about whom we take as students. At The Gompa, we are only interested in serious students who are self-motivated to learn in class and train on their own time at home. If you want to study Chinese martial arts for a casual hobby or to win a shiny trophy in a tournament this may not be the school for you.

Benefits To Studying With Us

· Reasonable prices

· No long term contracts

· Certified instructors

· Reality based instruction

· Small intimate semi-private classes or private instruction

· Personal attention

· Course workbooks*

· Course videos*

*Many courses have workbooks and videos to aid your study. Work is underway to provide study materials for all classes in the near future.


We have very reasonable rates that vary by course and subject matter. Please call Mike Leach at 817-860-0129 or email for price information or to make a reservation.

The Gompa Location

Our main school located at a private facility in Arlington TX is not open to the general public. After reserving a class the office manager will send you directions to our location. If you are a friend of Dr. Painter and wish to visit with him please contact the office manager about visiting our private facility by leaving your e-mail address and we will contact you as soon as possible.