The Pursuit of Internal Energy
The concept of a mysterious “life force” of nature lies at the root of all human existence. A force reputed to flow through and around the body of every living creature is not a new concept to mankind. The Chinese call it Qi (Ch’i), the Hindu yogi, Prana or Kundalini, to Hawaiians it is Mana, African tribes call it Num and Christian healers refer to it as grace.

While we offer a number of Qigong training programs at The Gompa it should be understood that our programs are not based on New Age pseudo-science or religions doctrines. As members of the Life Science Qi Research Institute we work with scientists and reputable Chinese and Tibetan masters to explain how these concepts of improving life force energy function through both an ancient traditional and modern scientific focus.

What the Qigong and Neigong exercises have in common is that they involve cultivating physical stillness and or conscious (deliberate) movement, designed to produce relaxation or releasing of tension combined with special breathing techniques.

This type of practice requires a high degree of concentration and internal reflection, which result in a heightened awareness of oneself that increases over time with continued practice. This heightened awareness can reach profound levels including the sense that one’s awareness extends outside the physical body.

At The Gompa we often refer to this type of training as “Neigong” or inner skill, in that one has a highly refined awareness of subtle internal feelings of blood flow, enervation, movement, alignment, balance, emotion, and associated feeling of “internal energy” or “Qi” flowing throughout the body.

What is actually occurring via this process is a gradual but continuous development of the central nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, nerve plexuses, etc as one becomes more calm it is possible to sense an awareness of peculiar feeling of warmth or energy which the Chinese call Qi moving inside the body. Obviously, cultivation of the central nervous system significantly beyond “the normal” may affect all areas of one’s life, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, etc. The pursuit is literally like peeling an onion. There is no way to get to the center without going through the layers. If you practice diligently, it still takes a long time – at the same time, progress is discernible each day and that’s all you can expect.