Today our center in Arlington Texas offers a select few students and teachers the unique opportunity to study with Dr. Painter, Shifu Marshall or Shifu Castaldo in their private facility for a weekend or an entire week of intensive training in a number of Chinese or Tibetan arts.

We call it The Gompa™ or place of quiet study. This intimate private training hall and outdoor training areas are designed to house and teach from one to four students at a time. Our Gompa programs are designed to take you from beginner to advanced practitioner in a traditional “old school” style program of training using both ancient and modern teaching methods.

State of the Art Training Facility

The Gompa hall features a fully matted 30′x 30′ spacious carpeted training floor that can be used with or without mats, nine different styles of hanging bags plus speed bags, and other training equipment options. The training hall also has an ambient sound system playing a selection of meditation music during training. The lighting is variable to simulate any type of combat or meditative condition from full sun to moonlight evenings.

Outdoor Training Areas

Outside we have two lovely-shaded decks for early morning standing Qigong or forms practice and summer lectures. In 1999 we added Master Jou’s memorial garden, a 150’ x 40’ outdoor training area complete with the Baguazhang nine posts, balance beams, meditation deck, Xingyiquan training area, light body training equipment, and weapons training areas.

Directly across the street is a former pecan orchard now a 25 acres public park where we often hold moonlight workouts or weapons form training. The Gompa is literally the first Bed and Breakfast Internal Arts Institute in America.


Live & Study In The Gompa
For a complete retreat experience you can bunk in new Beyer Tibetan Cabin a nominal fee and have full use of the training facilities at any time. If you prefer you may stay in a nearby hotel. Upstairs at The Gompa you will find our IAM offices. In another section there is a full bath for your use as well as a selection of Chinese teas and herbs along with icebox, microwave and cooking facilities. Write us for a complete list of hotel accommodations in the area.


Come train and study at the Gompa and train one on one each day with Dr. Painter or one of our professional Gompa instructors as your teacher. You will spend part of the day studying with your teacher working on our tailored made personal training program, designed just for you, by your Shifu. As a part of the program you will also have personal training time to practice the lessons presented each day.

The Gompa Shifu will also meet with you for review and corrections in the evening or afternoon to answer questions, present corrections, and remind you of your lessons to be practiced after returning home. During your stay, you will have access to the Gompa hall and Master Jou’s Garden training areas and the traditional equipment.

You will be training in the Gompa and Master Jou’s Garden training area and on the traditional equipment. As a special bonus you will also be allowed to attend all regularly scheduled Gompa classes during your stay for free.

Out of Town Guests – Price for Single Student

One day program    $210.00    Deposit $75.00
Two day program    $420.00    Deposit $150.00
Three day program $630.00    Deposit $200.00
Four day program   $840.00     Deposit $300.00
Five day program    $1050.00    Deposit $300.00

All registration and deposits must be received 60 days in advance of visit.

  • Hours include teacher interaction, personal training time and corrections
  • Deposits are non-refundable
  • Two to Four guests pay half single rate each


Gompa Boarding Fees:
Cabin Rates:
Single Occupant ………$45.00 per night
Double Occupancy…….$25.00 each guest per night

Gompa Hall Rates:
$15.00 per night (available only if cabin is occupied)

“Jiulong Baguazhang has taught me not only martial arts but to weather stormy periods in my life. This is a great system and method of learning.”
Rey Bowen, UK

Price subject to change without notice