Daoist and Tibetan Yoga
Renew your life force and flexibility with Daoyin / Tibetan Yoga. Daoyin is a Chinese method of training the internal energy of the body called Qi. These gentle exercises develop flexibility and longevity when trained correctly.

Tibetan Yoga is about trulkhor (movement) and using the mind in coordinating, the Lung, or vital energy. Qi in Chinese has the same meaning as Lung in Tibetan. The name for Tibetan Yoga is Nyida Khajor. The meaning of Yoga is “union”, the Tibetan word is naljor which means “unchanging knowledge” so the real meaning of this form of Yoga is that we discover the unchanging truth and our place in the universe.

In the practice we use our body, breath, and mind to create the desired results. We use the body through positions and movements, we use many methods of breathing, and with the mind we develop visualization skills with the aim of going beyond judging and thinking. The purpose of the beginner’s practice is for coordinating our breathing in daily life. In yoga we say, “Life is breathing”, the Tantric teaching explains that a person who practices Yantra Yoga is said to have long life because their breathing is coordinated.

Gtumo – Tibetan Qigong of Internal Heat
Gtumo or (Dumo) one of the six doctrines of Naropa Yoga practice is known in the West particularly thought the biography of the Tibetan mystic, Milarepa. The technique, developed from Tibetan yoga, was not only a special means of protection from the extreme cold, it was also a way to self-awareness to “burn” away internal blockage for the attaining of enlightenment.

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School investigated the Tibetan Lama’s who practice Dumo and found much to his surprise that the method truly works. In his book Beyond The Relaxation Response he explains that it is truly possible for the practitioner to raise body temperature at will to such a point that he is, in a sense “internally heated.”

Discover Your Internal Power
In this three-hour program Dr. John Painter who was taught Dumo by his teacher, Li, Longdao of Sichuan China and Lama Trangu Rinpoche of Tibet explains the traditional method of Dumo meditation plus a modern scientific explanation for this practice. Students will be shown how through the regulation of the breath while concentrating upon certain internal centers and invoking the visualization of certain mantric syllables it is possible to raise body temperature at will to such a point that external cold temperatures do not affect you.