Xingyiquan translates as (Forms of the mind boxing). The name suggests a harmonious interaction of mind and body, which makes use of the internal power to guide and direct one’s actions spontaneously during combat.

Xingyiquan is an art whose waters run deep into the subconscious mind. Students are taught five fundamental postures. Each posture can be used as an offensive and defensive tactic and corresponds to one of the five elements found in Chinese cosmology.

Health Benefit.
The five postures practiced correctly, harmoniously align the body’s internal Qi balance the internal organs and produce a high degree of cardiovascular fitness.

Realistic Self Defense Arts.
Xingyiquan program includes a study of internal power derived from Yiquan (Standing Qi meditations), You learn to use the mind and subtle muscle response to produce what Chinese masters’ call “hidden power”. Forms appear soft outwardly yet the strike feels hard as iron to an opponent. Dr. Painter has trained police and military Special Forces instructors in this powerful internal martial art

A Xingyiquan self-defense application