Our Internal Life Force Programs

Quiet Sitting

The core of all Chinese internal arts is derived from meditation practices that still the mind and increase the flow of life force energy known as Qi.

Let us help you design a custom program of Qigong and meditation to fit your personal goals. Practical, simple methods of mental relaxation based upon time-tested methods that work to help you release excess tension, anger and frustration as you ward off illness and stress.

Explore the myth and reality of meditation practice from ancient to modern methods. Learn to use meditation to deal with mental and emotional stress on a daily basis. Covers breathing principles and a complete meditation schedule.

image42Quiet Standing

Create health, vitality and energy internally through a 300-year-old standing meditation exercises. Includes scientific / medical proof of how and why it works to create health and internal power.

You will learn how to open the energy gates plus the five incredible standing postures and Daoist Yoga methods of the Li family Qigong system.

Quiet standing was designed to be the ultimate in mind / body internal development. It creates a calm mind in a health body in just 15 minutes a day. Five simple exercises work by stimulating the internal organs, improving the Qi as it circulates through the body.