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Ku cha Yishi
Rights of the bitter tea

Lama Zurdwang founder of the Daoqiquan arts was born October 3rd in the year 1530. It was he who created the concepts later to become know as Daoqiquan, the five circles, six stances and four virtues were his founding principles. Lama Zurdwang’s principles were evolved over hundreds of years and applied by Li family masters as a way to understanding core concept martial art methods practiced by the Li clan, namely Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. Zurdwang also passed down his own martial skills derived from his principles in the form of Tibetan Snake Boxing and Tibetan Blue Heron Boxing. We owe this great master a debt of gratitude for passing on these amazing arts.

Our commemoration program Ku cha Yishi (苦茶儀式), rights of the bitter tea is held on Friday night. Ku cha Yishi begins the celebration of Founders Day to honor the gift of Lama Zurdwang, the Li family and the opening of the first American school of Daoqiquan. That was the Kung Fu Tao Training center opened in 1973 by Dr. John Painter.

For the ceremonies students bring to the Wu Guan (武館), school a cut flower and Hong Bao (紅包), red envelope containing a small monetary offering to place on the Gongzhou (供桌), ancestors place in honor of the founder and the lineage of masters who have passed down these arts to us over hundreds of years.

Flowers and Hong Bao can be brought to the Wu Guan starting seven days before and up to the ceremony date If a student is away from home or cannot attend the ceremony he or she should write to the head Shifu of the Wu Guan and mail a Hong Bao to be placed on the Gongzhou as a sign of respect for the founder’s day tradition.

Ku cha Yishi begins with the Shifu of the Wu Guan entering in formal Changpao (長袍), long robes carrying ceremonial Daoist Swords. The program begins with an explanation of the origins and history of the Li family arts and its lineage holders beginning with Lama Zurdwang to the present day. It also includes the rite of the “Flowers and Bitter Tea” to remind all students of their obligations to life, family and the arts. Following the ceremony students and instructor recognitions for outstanding achievements in the Daoqiquan arts and service to the school will be presented by the head Shifu. Following the ceremony there is an informal dinner in a local Chinese or Indian restaurant open to all who would like to attend.

Every sincere student of the Li family arts should do his or her best to attend in person the inspirational and moving ceremony of Ku cha Yishi each year as a sign of respect to the founders of this great art. Please join us this year as we celebrate Founders Day at the Wu Guan.


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2016 Founder’s Day Workshops


Friday Saturday Sunday Workshop

Daoist Immortals Qigong and Quan Fa Arts with Shigong John Painter

qigongThe Li family Master Li, Chin Yuen’s secret longevity teaching combined with Master Wang Xiangzhai’s Dachengquan 大成拳 (Yiquan) and Li, Long-Dao’s Yixingong 意心功 concepts of health preservation and longevity Qigong.

These simple to learn but profound exercises incorporate special breathing techniques, standing postures and walking methods will improve physical balance, increase blood and lymphatic flow and tune up the bodies neurological system for internal martial arts power. Although the methods are related to the Xingyiquan five elements the concepts are highly relevant to Taijiquan and Baguazhang practice as well and should be a part of all serious students personal practice. You owe it to yourself to learn these amazing techniques.

Note: This program will only be taught this year at The Gompa and will not be taught at workshops or seminars in our branch schools.

cudgelFounders Day Special Weapons Program Introduction to Tibetan Blue Heron Cudgel

This is one of Lama Zurdwang’s our founders favorite weapons. It is a staff approximately 6.5 feet long made of some form or hard but flexible wood.

Use of the weapon is loosely based upon Zurdwang’s Tibetan Blue Heron boxing system. What sets it apart from the ordinary Chinese or European two handed staff methods is that it can be manipulated by one hand and incorporates a number of interesting methods of striking and neutralizing skills.

Dates: Friday September 30th : Saturday October 1st : Sunday October 2nd

Begins at 1:00pm sharp : 8:00 am – 5:30 pm : 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students Welcome

Post Founders Day Training with Shifu Castaldo

Jiulong Baguazhang
Dragon Rolling the Pearl Applications


Limited Enrollment!

applicationsJoin us for a three day post Founders Day training featuring Nine Dragon Baguazhang Application Techniques of the Li family.

dragons in cloudsTrain with Shifu Castaldo to hone your skills in Dragon Rolling the Pearl Part Four Applications to gain the skills of realistic no-nonsense whole body power Zhengti-jin 整體勁 techniques.

Don’t miss this very reasonably priced program. Sign up now!

When: Monday – Wednesday
October 3rd through 5th

Cost: Only $325.00 for all 3 Days