Nine Healing Circles Bagua Qigong
Baguazhang Jiu Rao Jian Qigong 八卦 掌 九 繞健 氣 功
With Dr. John P. Painter PhD. ND

Wantage, NJ – July 10, 2020

Health, longevity, stamina and more in just 15 minutes a day with Nine Healing Circles Qigong. This simple but profound exercise makes use of all eight Bagua Palms and their relation to the Jing-luo (meridian system) of the human body. These palm formation were designed by Master Li, Zhang Lai after training with Daoist master Li, Ching Yuen. The method is used to activate each of the Qi meridians of the human body in the correct sequence for high level energy stimulation.

There are 12 principal meridians correspond to yin and yang organs and the pericardium. Nine Healing Circles was designed to stimulate meridians and internal organs through a series of moves employing the eight mother palms of Baguazhang. Here are just some of the benefits of this amazing, simple but profound exercise. It reduces emotional stress, calms heart fire, improves aerobic capacity, lowers blood, pressure improves balance and proprioception, stimulates all internal organs and activates and balances Qi flow in the meridian system (Jing-luo).

The Hidden Practice of Li, Ching Yuen
Come learn the real secrets of Daoist master Li, Ching Yuen reputed to have lived 200+ years in Sichuan province. He was said to have created and practiced this art with special breathing exercises to attain his longevity. Discover how Nine Healing Circles Bagua Qigong has kept Li family representative Dr. John Painter healthy and fit at his current age of 75.

Nine Healing Circles Bagua Qigong is not based on myth or anecdotal evidence but has been tested by real scientific inquiry. It activates nerve connections between your brain the meridian system and internal organs to increase health and vitality. Free handouts showing the postures will be given to all. Plus fully illustrated course manuals will also be available for purchase after the program.

No experience in Baguazhang is necessary to learn or use this amazing system of internal and external health development.

Yes, you can learn the whole first method in less than the four hours of this amazing workshop. Space is limited so please reserve your space and register today!


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Pre-Event Workshop With Dr. John Painter

Where: Master Jou, Tsung Hwa Memorial Tai Chi Park
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When: Friday afternoon July 10th 2020
Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Please attend the Master Jou Birthday festival following my event
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