Date(s) - June 28, 2019 - June 30, 2019
All Day


Water Palm energy flows up and down like undulating waves. Water energy adapts to the circumstance and situation.

It can be as difficult to trap as a vapor or steam, as solid as ice or as difficult to embrace as a liquid. It lifts or pulls, pushes or swallows up, flows toward or away from and takes the shape of the place or receptacle into which it flows. Yet, no matter what the outer form the inner emotional energy is one of quiet, peace reflecting its surroundings.

Water palm practice stimulates the Bladder and kidney meridian Qi, balances the Jing, primal life essence, cools the heart fire of anger and improves hearing. Water is associated with the Kan Gua.

Although it is recommended that everyone begin with Dragon Rolling The Pearl, students or teachers of other Baguazhang styles outside of the Li family arts are welcome to train any of the Li family palm programs without this pre-requisite.

Level One will include Quiet Sitting and Standing methods utilizing the specific nature of Water palm as associated with the Yijing Gua. Also included will be shifting, linear walking and circle walking methods.


Training Rate per Student $450.00

Deposit $200.00 – Non Refundable

Non-refundable deposit required within 30 days of receipt of this registration

Starts Friday 9:30am, ends Sunday 4pm

No individual will be allowed to attend without registration completed and deposit received.  Training is booked on a first come, first serve basis.  Each students space can only be reserved with the students deposit and signed registration forms delivered to The Gompa office.

All registration forms and deposits must be received 30 days in advance of visit.



Staying on Campus or Near By

We can accommodate two students in our Beyer Tibet House Cabin and two more in The Gompa training hall. These are available on a first come first serve basis. Inexpensive motels and hotels are also available within a short drive of the campus.

On Campus Bunk Fees

Beyer Tibet Cabin (two beds available) $25.00 per night

Gompa Hall (two fold-out beds available when Cabin full)  $10:00 per night

Registration for Water Palm Basics